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Dragonfly Plate Reverb

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Dragonfly Plate is an easy to use, high fidelity plate reverb plugin. It comes with a variety of plate and tank presets for you to explore. Please note that Wet level and Dry level controls are decoupled from the preset. This allows you to set the levels and explore the different presets without the levels changing. There are three different Reverb types available: - Simple, a thin plate algorithm with a sparse tail and some slight early reflections - Nested, a thick plate algorithm with a dense tail and no early reflections - Tank, a tank algorithm based on Jon Dattorro's Effect Design paper The plugin has controls to set the Width, Predelay and Decay. It also comes with pre-reverb Low cut and High cut parameters, and a Dampen control which controls a low pass filter applied to the reverb algorithm's internal feedback loop. Features: Plugin by Michael Willis Based on Nverb and STRev from Freeverb3 VST GUI by FistfulOfStars

Control Default Min Max
Dry Level 80.00% 0.00% 100.00%
Wet Level 20.00% 0.00% 100.00%
Algorithm 1 0 2
Width 100.00% 50.00% 150.00%
Predelay 0.00 ms 0.00 ms 100.00 ms
Decay 0.40 s 0.10 s 10.00 s
Low Cut 200.00 Hz 0.00 Hz 200.00 Hz
High Cut 16000.00 Hz 1000.00 Hz 16000.00 Hz
Dampen 13000.00 Hz 1000.00 Hz 16000.00 Hz
urn:dragonfly:plate v.1:4.6-9