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DoGood Springs

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The DoGood Springs provides a comprehensive selection of spring reverbs with its 34 high fidelity impulse responses (IRs). DoGood Sound captured them using high-end converters from 9 different originals: - AKG BX20* - Danelectro 9100* - Electro Harmonix Holier Grail* - Fender Twin Reverb* - Industrialectric RM-1N* - Pioneer SR 202* - Roland RE 201 Space Echo* - Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo* - Sansui RA-500* Plus there are IRs from three spring tanks with unclear identity: A lush stereo reverb, another more subtle and a nicely broken one. The plugin is very easy to use: Simply select the IR, set the levels as desired, optionally filter out some low end with the built-in high pass filter, and off you go. There is a Trails switch in the advanced settings; when enabled the reverb tail peacefully decays when you bypass the plugin, disable it and the tail will immediately disappear when bypassed. *Product names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with MOD Audio or DoGood Sound; they were used merely to identify the product whose sound was incorporated in the creation of this plugin. Features: Plugin by MOD Audio Based on HiFi-LoFi FFTConvolver engine IRs by DoGood Sound

Control Default Min Max
IR 0 0 33
Dry Level 0.00 dB -60.00 dB 0.00 dB
Wet Level -30.00 dB -60.00 dB 0.00 dB
High Pass Filter 0.00 Hz 0.00 Hz 500.00 Hz
Trails 1 0 1
Enabled 1 0 1
Buffered 0 0 1
urn:dogoodsound:springs v.1:1.0-8