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DIE Fluid Synth

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The DIE Fluid Synth is a generator plugin that makes use of SF2 Instrument files (with support for the unofficial vorbis/flac-encoded SF3 format). Upload your own instruments to your MOD Device through the file manager, and use this plugin to play them by sending MIDI notes to its input. The entire file is loaded into RAM. Some SF2 Instrument files contain multiple patches, and some are even multi-timbral, using a MIDI channel per timbre. MIDI program changes can be used to change the instrument patch for the respective MIDI channel. The plugin can tweak the chorus and reverb defined in the SF2 instrument. The chorus is capable of a wide range of sounds, from thickening the sound to all-out wacky modulation, while the reverb helps giving that finishing touch to the sound. Features: Original plugin from Ardour Community Effects, based on Fluid Synth engine Adapted & maintained by DISTRHO GUI by MOD Devices

Control Default Min Max
Output Level 0.00 dB -80.00 dB 20.00 dB
Reverb Enable 1 0 1
Reverb Roomsize 0.50 0.00 1.20
Reverb Damping 0.50 0.00 1.00
Reverb Width 10.00 0.00 100.00
Reverb Dry/Wet 0.10 0.00 1.00
Chorus Enable 0 0 1
Chorus Voice Count 3 0 99
Chorus Speed 1.00 Hz 0.29 Hz 5.00 Hz
Chorus Depth 1.00 0.00 21.00
Chorus Level 0.00 dB -80.00 dB 20.00 dB
Chorus Type 0 0 1
Enable 1 0 1
urn:distrho:a-fluidsynth v.1:2.2-6