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Auto Input Selector

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The MOD Auto Input Selector is a plugin that detects which hardware inputs have a cable plugged in. It then uses that information to automatically route the corresponding plugin inputs to a stereo output pair and a mono output. The routing logic is as follows: - When only a single hardware input has a cable plugged in, it sends the corresponding plugin input to all three plugin outputs. - When both hardware inputs have cables plugged in, it will send plugin input 1 to plugin output 1, plugin input 2 to plugin output 2, and both plugin inputs summed to the plugin's mono output. There is a parameter that sets a gain reduction amount for the summed signal. By default, the summed signal has 6dB of gain reduction applied to maintain uniform signal levels on all plugin outputs. Please note that this plugin is designed for the MOD Dwarf; other devices are not supported. Features: Plugin by MOD Audio

Control Default Min Max
Summed Gain 0 0 1
Status 0.00 0.00 3.00 v.1:1.0-7