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Convolution Reverb

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The MOD Convolution Reverb provides a comprehensive selection of reverbs with its 33 high fidelity impulse responses (IRs). DoGood Sound provided the first 18 IRs. They cover a broad range of reverbs; from real to synthetic, from small to big and from conventional to unique. The masssive IR collection of DoGood Sound is a must-try for all fans of reverb, captured with passion and high-end equipment. What's included in this plugin is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out all the DoGood Sound plugins to discover the full variety and find your perfect IR match. All other IRs were created by Fried Silence, capturing favorite hardware processor reverbs. The plugin is very easy to use: Simply select the IR, set the levels as desired, optionally filter out some low end with the built-in high pass filter, and off you go. There is a Trails switch in the advanced settings; when enabled the reverb tail peacefully decays when you bypass the plugin, disable it and the tail will immediately disappear when bypassed. Features: Plugin by MOD Audio Based on HiFi-LoFi FFTConvolver engine IRs by DoGood Sound and Fried Silence

Control Default Min Max
IR 0 0 32
Dry Level 0.00 dB -60.00 dB 0.00 dB
Wet Level -30.00 dB -60.00 dB 0.00 dB
High Pass Filter 0.00 Hz 0.00 Hz 500.00 Hz
Trails 1 0 1
Enabled 1 0 1
Buffered 0 0 1 v.1:1.0-8