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MDA Vocoder

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16-band vocoder for applying the spectrum of one sound (the modulator, usually a voice or rhythm part) to the waveform of another (the carrier, usually a synth pad or sawtooth wave). Note that both carrier and modulator signals are taken from one input channel, which therefore must be stereo for normal operation. This is different to some other vocoder plug-ins where one of the input signals is taken from another plug-in in a different channel.

Control Default Min Max
Swap carrier-modulator 0.00 0.00 1.00
Output 0.00 dB -20.00 dB 20.00 dB
Hi Thru 40.00% 0.00% 100.00%
Hi Band 40.00% 0.00% 100.00%
Envelope 1602.24 ms 14.00 ms 10000.00 ms
Filter Q 55.00% 0.00% 100.00%
Mid Freq 1000.00 Hz 200.00 Hz 1600.00 Hz
Quality 1.00 0.00 1.00
http://moddevices.com/plugins/mda/Vocoder v.1:0.3-6