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CrossOver 2

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The Two Way CrossOver is a simple and effective filter for splitting your signal in two different frequency ranges. It acts by applying a high pass filter and a low pass filter on each other outputs. The Frequency knob defines on which frequency you want to start filtering the signal, while the Order switch indicates how intensively the cutoff frequency will decay. Features: Modeled by MOD Devices

Control Default Min Max
Freq 600.00 Hz 20.00 Hz 20000.00 Hz
Gain 1 3.00 dB -40.00 dB 40.00 dB
Gain 2 3.00 dB -40.00 dB 40.00 dB
Order 0 0 2
http://moddevices.com/plugins/mod-devel/CrossOver2 v.1:1.0-18