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C* Scape - Stereo delay + Filters

Plugin screenshot

The Scape delay looks like a straightforward delay pedal but there is more than meets the eye. The Eighth, Triplet and Sixteenth settings from the drop down menu create a dotted sounding rhythm. The delayed sounds can be re-tuned with the Tune knob in the settings session. Set it to your standard tuning of 440Hz and hear a normal rhythmical sounding delay. Or use it to achieve some interesting modulated sounds. Each note will be slightly different, further increasing the uniqueness of this effect. Features: Modeled by CAPS

Control Default Min Max
BPM 100.00 BPM 30.00 BPM 164.00 BPM
Divider 2 2 4
Feedback 0.75 0.00 1.00
Dry 0.75 0.00 1.00
Blend 1.00 0.00 1.00
Tune 440.00 Hz 415.00 Hz 467.00 Hz
http://moddevices.com/plugins/caps/Scape v.1:9.24-13